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Whole-Food Healing

AIP is an elimination diet focused on eliminating anti-inflammatory foods rooted in nutrient-dense, whole food principles, and my life was radically changed because of it. I gain a new perspective and passion for food as medicine. Although I wouldn’t recommend an elimination diet for everyone, it was the catalysis for me to completely change my diet to a whole food lifestyle that placed me on a path to dig deeper into why the body gets "out-of-order".

On this journey, I discovered whole foods and the importance of nourishing your body. I, also, uncovered the importance of emotions and stress as well as nervous system dysfunction which is at the root cause of most illnesses. 
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My Passion

My passion is to help others suffering because I believe we don’t have to suffer. This is one of the foundational reasons I became a Holistic Health Practitioner who is a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, and Mind Body Spirit Release™ Practitioner. Healing is possible through the power of nutrient-dense food and emotional and energetic healing.

My Story

I suffered for years with eczema, painful periods, weight fluctuations, anxiety, bladder issues, chronic sinus infections, headaches, and digestive issues but didn’t think much of it as unusual. Then I got worse in 2018; I had constant anxiety attacks and developed severe joint pain and stiffness and muscle weakness in my arms, shoulders and hands.

I could barely type on a keyboard for my job. My hands were so stiff I could barely grip my toothbrush in the morning. So, I did the typical route - physical therapy 3x a week, plus chiropractic care 2x a week, massage therapy every other week. I also tried many supplements to find healing. Before I knew it was over $6,000 in debt from all the medical expenses.

After an ER visit to Vanderbilt, desperate for answers and in horrible pain, I came out with two things in hand - Tylenol and a smart ER doctor’s referral to an autoimmune specialist. I was told I had an extremely high likelihood of developing Lupus within two years and that I had Mixed Connective Tissue Disease (MCTD). And after also consulting the top surgeon, because I was convinced this was a mechanical issue with muscles in my shoulder, I was referred to the Vanderbilt Pain Clinic to manage my pain.

Dissatisfied with this diagnosis and treatment plan, the next day, desperate for relief - I turned to the Autoimmune Protocol Diet (AIP) on February 18th, 2019.
Emotional Healing

A crucial part of my healing journey was when I realized that my actions, reactions, and behaviors resulted from my nervous system keeping me safe. It's the unconscious decisions, responses, and functions that influence us every moment of every day. Yet, at the same time, its adaptive behaviors did not serve me well.

My world was always unsafe, especially being born a preemie at 2lbs, 10oz. The people around me were hyper-vigilant to keep me safe from my family to the doctors. As a preemie baby whose prognosis was that I wouldn't live past a few days old, a fear of death and danger honestly ruled my life into adulthood. It wasn't something I consciously knew until I worked with a practitioner to identify underlying beliefs that directed my nervous system and energy towards safety.

Once my body was able to let go of that fear, my nervous system was able to take a breath. When our nervous system is in a parasympathetic state where it can rest, then our bodies can heal. Only then did I find deeper healing especially from my autoimmune symptoms and anxiety and was able to be fully me. 
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