Mind Body Spirit Release™

Subconscious and conscious emotional and mental stress keeps your nervous system in overdrive, impairing your body's ability to cope, heal, and find balance. MBSR™ releases emotional and mental stress in the nervous system by letting go of negative emotions and limiting beliefs. These emotions and beliefs can be from childhood, trauma, or even everyday stressors. Releasing these negative imprints will enable you to come back into balance, create new beliefs, develop better coping mechanisms with stress, increase your emotional, mental and physical healing and elevate your life!

What an MBSR™ help release?

Emotional blocks trapped in Organs, Glands and Tissues

Blocks to Experiencing Positive Emotions

Limiting Beliefs Around Prosperity and Success

Emotional and Energetic Blocks related to Pathogens

Emotional and Energetic Blocks to Detox and Drainage Pathways

Dis-Resonance Between Two People

Frequently Asked Questions

What is MBSR™?

MBSR™ is a powerful energy healing technique developed by Tracy Southwick, Trad. ND, to facilitate the release of cellular imprints from negative experiences, emotions, and trauma from the body and nervous system to heal on a holistic level.

How does MBSR™ work?

Each time you experience an event with a stressor - big or small, your body products hormones, neurotransmitters, and emotions are stored in your cells. These are imprints. An imprint can be triggered by a person, situation, intense emotion, memory, or stressor. When this happens, our bodies recreate that experience on a biochemical and subconscious level. (This can happen every day! Cue anxiety, depression, etc.!)

By identifying these imprints via muscle/frequency testing, the practitioner (me!) will use a cold laser to stimulate specific acupuncture points & meridian points to eliminate and ease the nervous system's reaction to emotional imprints. This process allows you to build healthy responses to stressors and create beliefs that support your healing and goals. 

What types of blocks can be identified and cleared?

An  MBSR™ can energetically identify blocks to the following:
  • Positive Emotions
  • Life Purpose & Prosperity
  • Organs/Glands/Tissues
  • Body Systems
  • Hormones & Neurotransmitters
  • Pathogens (Bacteria, Lyme, Mold/Fungus/Candida, Parasites, Viruses, Mycoplasma, and Biofilm)
  • Mitochondria (cellular level)
  • Nervous System (Parasympathetic, Sympathetic and Vagus Nerve)
  • People & Places
  • Events

How many sessions will I need?

There's no one-size-fits-all approach. However, if you have long-held emotional issues, trauma, or chronic illness, several sessions with the same intention can be extremely powerful to dig deep and truly rewire the nervous system's response to stressors energetically. 

Additionally, many clients prefer to schedule maintenance MBSR™ sessions about every 4-6 weeks to ensure that they stay energetically balanced. Or, if you need an emergency session during a stressful life event, the door is always open - especially for a quick express clearing. 

How do remote sessions work?

We will first meet via zoom to create your intention for the session. This is the area of focus in your life you’d like to work on - either your health, relationships, anxiety, mental clarity, etc. Since the session is remote, I’ll muscle test you via proxy. Proxy testing is muscle testing where a person acts in place of another. I’ll stand in as your proxy for these sessions and I use my nervous system to test for somebody else.
Remote proxy testing is possible because of the principle of non-locality (quantum mechanics is pretty cool!). This is the ability of particles (for example- an atom) to be influenced instantaneously by another particle with no visible exchange of force or energy. We apply the principle of non-locality when facilitating remote sessions. Remote sessions are just as effective as in-person.

What should I expect after a session? 

At the end of the session, you will be given some meaningful self-care practices to help solidify the shifts as well as your complete clearing notes. Mind Body Spirit Release™ is very individualized, and each person processes through the clearing differently. Many people immediately feel like a weight is lifted and are very relaxed and even a bit detached. At the same time, a small number go through a detox of sorts as the body can finally release stored physical and emotional toxins. This is normal and healthy and very short-lived. This technique is simple, effective, and can literally change your life! 

Is MBSR™ appropriate to use if I identify as a Christian?

While there is no religious or spiritual affiliation required to utilize this method, this is a question many ask. 
As an MBSR™ practitioner, I'm in no way acting as a spiritual advisor or medium. I am helping facilitate the reduction of stress on your nervous system and body like many other types of holistic health practitioners. MBSR™ encourages us to be self-aware and take responsibility and ownership of our emotions, thoughts, and actions, but it’s not a replacement for God’s divine healing or grace. 
(Explanation taken respectfully from Master MBSR™ practitioner, Amanda Mirabella.) 

Can you do MBSR™ sessions for pet(s)?

Yes! I use myself or the pet owner as a proxy and facilitate a clearing. Pets are very empathetic and hold on to their owner's emotions, and many rescue dogs have traumas or unhealthy behaviors. Just like humans, dogs can benefit from a calmer nervous system! 

How long is a session and how much does it cost?

In an initial session is 90-120mins, we'll go over your personal healing goals and create an intention for your session. Then I will use muscle testing, by proxy, to identify any blocks you might have to your clearing intention. These blocks may include a combination of emotions, limiting beliefs, trauma events held in organs, pathogens, and your cells that energetically block your hormones, organ function, nervous system, and healing.  For pricing, click the link below. 

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