Elevate Your Body

Does this sound like you?

If this sounds like you, then I can help!


You feel tired when you wake up, you need coffee in the afternoon, or you feel like you can't do normal activities anymore without feeling fatigued.

Food Sensitivities 

You notice that when you eat certain foods, or all foods, you don't feel well and you experience a flare up of your symptoms. 


You have anxiety or depression and feel stuck and alone with your symptoms and health issues.

Weight Loss Resistance 

You have always struggled with your weight OR you've recently gained weight and it's not coming off like it used to. 

Digestive Issues

You have constipation or loose stools; you find that your digestion is never consistent, and you also struggle with bloating, acid reflux, or gas. 

You Feel Lost

You've seen other practitioners and they've told you that your blood work looks "normal" or they've given you supplements with no real support or a clear action plan for healing. 

What if instead...

  You had untapped energy throughout the day?  

 You had food freedom and could find healing from sensitivities?

 You were able to find a weight that is healthy and comfortable for your body? Feeling confidence in your own skin!  

 You felt empowered with tools and knowledg
e to care for your body and live your life to the fullest?

Start your healing journey today! 

Schedule a Free Health Assessment & Consultation

Before your session, you will take a professional in-depth Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire that uses sophisticated algorithms to identify potential nutritional deficiencies, body system burdens, and support needed.

From the report, we can identify top priorities such as thyroid, digestive system, adrenals, immune imbalances, and your need for essential minerals and vitamins.

Book Your Health Deep Dive Session

In this Health Deep Dive Session, we will spend 90 minutes together discussing your health history, diving into your intake paperwork, and reviewing any functional lab reports.

During this call, I will provide you with your initial protocol that will include bio-individual recommendations including nutrition, lifestyle, mindset/habits, and supplement protocols. 

You will have plenty of time for questions as well during this call, as I want to ensure you are set up for success!

Schedule Follow-Up Sessions

In these sessions, I am able to further support you during your healing journey! Life happens so having continual support and accountability is incredibly helpful. Follow up packages also include Mind Body Spirit Release sessions for emotional wellness which helps to compliment your physical healing. 

Add-on Functional Lab Testing

As a holistic health practitioner, I want to ensure that your body is supported, nourished, and functioning optimally. Functional lab work does not diagnose a specific condition or disease but rather provides us with an understanding of how well the body is functioning so we can focus on areas that need improvement. These tests help us optimize the support we provide and further customize your nutrition, detoxification, lifestyle and supplement recommendations. 

What is included in follow up packages?

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